Used Containers in Los Angles

Are you looking for new or used containers in Los Angles for meeting your shipping and storage needs? If yes, you are at the right destination. We specialize in offering different types of containers ranging from 10′ to 53′ in length. If you are in need of different types of shipping containers, cargo containers and storage containers in Los Angeles, you can contact us to provide you with the same. Since the time of our inception in this domain, our quest has been to meet different types of common and customized container needs at the most competitive prices. This has helped us become one of the most trusted and leading suppliers of new and used containers in Los Angeles area.

To meet your common and bespoke storage and transportation needs in Los Angles, we offer a wide range of containers in various sizes and configuration with one year warranty for each product. Choose the sizes, types, conditions, and door directions of your containers to buy or get for rent.  No damage or leaks guaranteed. We are open to customizing your containers according to your requested sizes and lengths.

Quality products with one year warranty, satisfactory customer service and reasonable rate have been the trinity of our services. These have empowered us to get an edge over our competitors delivering quality containers in Los Angeles.

Have a look at a wide range of our products to buy or get these for rent

Shipping container


Our shipping containers are made from high-quality steel and designed to meet any storage or transport needs. Starting from large reusable steel boxes for intermodal shipments to common corrugated boxes, we stock up all types that fit your budgets and needs. Our intermodal freight containers are compatible with different modes of transport. These can save your time and labor, as you do not need to unload and reload your items when the mode of transport changes. Buy or get new and used shipping containers, reefer containers, and tank containers for rent to meet your storage and transport needs exactly.

Advantages of shipping containers:

  • Durable, wind and watertight
  • One year warranty on each product
  • Wooden or strong steel floor
  • Designed scientifically for the proper utilization of inside available space
  • Efficient transport of products
  • No damage while transporting furniture or other breakable things


Storage Container

From a simple practical storage container to high-volume storage, we offer you all to buy or rent under this category. You can get these at your construction sites or office premises to store your goods, equipment and other important things. We have new and used storage containers in Los Angeles to offer you in your desired sizes.

Many benefits of our storage containers

  • Made of thick and strong steel plate to protect your goods from being theft
  • Wind and watertight
  • Powerful, advanced locking system
  • Easy to move

Cargo container

We offer cargo containers to the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters looking to keep their goods stored in a safe place for a long or short time without spending much it. We are fit for those who are interested in increasing their storage capacity without extending their budgets for it.

Significant benefits of cargo containers

  • Made of strong steel
  • Wind and watertight
  • Advanced locking system
  • Easy to move

Contact us with your common and customized container needs. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you.